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    V8062 motorized two way valve

    V8062 series electrical two-way valve, the auxiliary product for fan coil of central air conditioner, consists of actuator and the valve. It is with off-limit contacts and hand switch so as to cut off while fully open and fully closed, which is to reduce the motor brush wear when in an energized state for a long time and to avoid the burning down of the coil.

    V8062 motorized two way valve


    ※工作电压:AC220V ±1 0%      50/60Hz
    ※外壳材质:阻燃PC ( 内件为阻燃增强PA )
    ※控制方式:开/ 关 式,三线制两控
    ※流体温度:5 ℃~ 95 ℃